Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Foiled again! a Fabulous Foils and Gilding Flakes class with Chris on 1 November

We all love our foils and gilding flakes, and Chris is the lady to show you how to use them to their best advantage!

I know people worry about how to apply them - but Chris will lead you through, step by step, for perfect results every time.

Even easier, she'll also show you how to use your gilding flakes with stencils! Also how to use those Stamp and Stick powders with a heat gun (I've always had trouble with this).

You'll end up with some really stunning samples! And for those of you who took this sell-out class before... there are NEW techniques too!

This class is on Saturday 1st November, full details here.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Journal spread

As we're shortly coming up to Halloween, I thought you might like to see one of the spreads from my Art Journalling class.

This one is a vampire, from my Zombie journal - in the Faces&Figures section on 26 October. The face is heavily crackled, with lots of encrustation and a strip of flat-back crystals, dripped red inks (blood).

The quotation is by Virginia Woolf:
The beauty of the world which is so soon to perish, has two edges, one of laughter, one of anguish, cutting the heart asunder.

I haven't yet made up my mind whether this needs any further wording. I purposely made the writing loose and slightly illegible. I think it kind of speaks for itself....

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Masterboard class on Saturday 4th October with Chris

Chris is teaching her wonderful Masterboard class again on 4th October - creating one big piece of artwork, which you'll cleverly cut up to make multiple stylish and varied cards quickly and easily, and and arranged to produce different sized panels and tiles.

The variations and possibilites are endless!

You need to book early for this one, as it always fills up quickly. Go here for full details of the class, and how to book.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

The JOSEPH'S COAT TECHNIQUE - the original, plus the updated versions

Copyright Andi Potler
Many many years ago (at least 15 years) Magenta Stamps invented a stamping technique called Joseph's Coat. This was simply stunning, and really rocked the stamping world! I've managed to find the original videos (now on YouTube) which I've loaded up here for you.

Jan Tinklenberg's 'Joseph's Dirty Coat' technique - scroll down to the 4th video in this post

I apologise for the quality of the two Magenta videos - for some reason, they've loaded them up at a really low resolution (240px) so although a bit fuzzy, it's really worth sticking with it as the technique is so worth it!


You'll notice they are demonstrating boxes - don't let that throw you, just look at the technique! This works on any card which has a really smooth surface, including those fabulous giant shipping tags. You could also try glossy card (and really cheap photo card).


The original techniques were really labour-intensive: scribbling patches of colour using water-based marker pens (Tombow etc) then embossing using a clear pigment ink and clear embossing powder. Nowadays, you could use Distress markers, Versamark (not even invented then) or a clear pigment ink, eg: Perfect Medium.

If you think scribbling with water-based markers is too tedious, just use a piece of Cut'N'Dry foam or an Inkessentials Distress ink applicator and your favourite dye-based inks. Or use mini pads and apply the whole pad directly to the card!

VARIATION 3 - by Kathy Hamrick

This is Kathy Hamrick's take on this method - updated to the 21st Century! Just as effective, and so much quicker.She's using dye-based inks (Distress and Memento would be perfect!) and a brayer to apply the ink. You could also use sponges - or the entire inkpad, ink side down, directly on the actual card - you'll get the same results.

STEP BY STEP by Alice Golden
Copyright Alice Golden

Here's a great blog post by Alice Golden, showing everything step by step, creating a scrapbook page and the card above.

Finally, here's a method which doesn't even use embossing...


This doesn't even use embossing, just a Versamark pad (Perfect Medium or a clear pigment ink will work just as well) and dye inks. You'll also need your largest acrylic stamping block (or a Gelli Plate, glass cutting mat or similar).
So why not have a go?
These all produce wonderful backgrounds - and as a matter of interest, will also work very well over patterned paper - just skip the bit about adding colour first, as that's your paper - and go straight to the bit about stamping with clear pigment ink, Perfect Medium or Versamark. Add clear embossing powder, heat and emboss, then add your dark colour (dye based ink: Distress, Memento, etc). This is a great way to use up any papers you don't like.

Have fun!

Friday, 19 September 2014

BELLE OF THE BALL - class with Freyja on 27 September

Don't forget to book for this class on 27 September - Belle of the Ball, with Freyja Lee.

All about those wonderful portrait stamps we all love. Time to dust them off and treat them in a whole new way!

Freyja has created the most exquisite samples and the pix on the blog are nowhere near as fabulous as they look in real life! Do book early, as this class is going to be very popular.

Click the link here to see how to book.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Fabulous backgrounds using SHAVING FOAM!

Copyright Joggles

Here's a fun one for you: shaving foam backgrounds! Joggles has just done a really excellent video which you might like to watch.

I used to do these years ago - but things (materials) are very different now, as you can see from the photograph at the top of the post. Who thought you could use your Tim Holtz paints and Dylusions sprays, etc?

You should have a great time with these - use the cheapest shaving foam you can find (Basics ranges, unscented - I've seen it for around 80p per can) and something like an old Swiss Roll tin, cat litter tray etc. Cleanup is easy - rinse it all down the sink!

Don't forget - we stock Tim Holtz, Ranger and Dylusions in the shop, if you don't see them in our online shop (they disappear so fast!)

Monday, 15 September 2014

NEW! Tim Holtz Spray Distress Stains

Copyright Tim Holtz
 Always great to see new products from Tim - especially if there's a video on how to use them!

These are new - you've probably already seen the Distress Stains with a foam top ... well, here are the sprays. Again, add water for different special effects just as you do with all the Distress range. What a great range of colours too. AND METALLICS, hooray!

All the colours in the range
 And of course we have them in stock in the shop, lol