Saturday, 6 December 2014

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Yaay! Scrapbook & Cards Today have just released their Christmas issue - FREE to view online!

How cool is that?


Friday, 5 December 2014

Here are some great Christmas decoration ideas - in Issuu's free Wayfair @ Home online magazine!

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First, on page 35, decorate your own baubles (we have some wonderful shatterproof baubles in the shop, all ready to play with - which already have the hanging thingie on top). We've also got all the glitter you could ever want!

copyright ISSUU - Wayfair@Home online magazine

Here's a really fun idea for scrapbookers and Instagram fans on page 38 - an advent calendar!

This is a great scrapbooking idea to copy - there are tons of free Instagram/Polaroid frame shapes out there for digital artists, and you could easily make your own by using a die cut or a square punch. Or simply cut out squares and frame them up.

We've got great die cut alphabet and number chipboard shapes (by Woodware) in store, plus any amount of alpha and number stamps.

So why not give it a go? And take a good look at the magazine link for ideas on decorating your tree, making a wreath, table settings etc...

Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas classes

Just a quick reminder of the final two classes this side of Christmas!

Full details on the Workshops page.


Saturday 6th December: Christmas JOFY 

A full day with the incomparable Jo Firth-Young (who has a range of stamps with PaperArtsy).
Only two places left - so don't leave it till the last minute!

Saturday 13th December: Wrap It Up - with me

A last-minute, fast and furious class on how to tie the perfect bow (one length of ribbon, no knots, so it undoes with just one pull - perfect if you want to keep it for crafting later, lol). Plus tags, printing your own paper etc.

Then it's time to relax, shop, enjoy the whole Holiday Season - and do it all again next year!

Friday, 28 November 2014


Hi Gang

Well, it's nearly Christmas and we're all now in count-down mode. Deidre is decorating the Christmas window as we speak... I've made this plaque especially to wish you all a Merry Christmas (although it's still just a leeetle early in my book - my Christmas spirit is still firmly in the bottle, probably around 15% proof, lol).

As always, I'm heavily into Glitter Mode - this one is positively restrained compared to some of my other projects!

I prepped the palette-style MDF pieces with white acrylic, then went back over this with a medium blue and a pale grey, to imitate cold snowy skies. This was topped off with a snowflake stencil, stencilled with metallic pale blue on two edges, and white acrylic in other places. I threw glitter on two of these (glitter will stick to a thick layer of acrylic paint if you apply it while the paint is wet).

I then prepped all my lettering and the snowflakes (die cuts by Woodware, available in the shop - only £1.20 for stiff white card!) I've used white acrylic paint all around the sides of the Merry Christmas phrase (which was bright red glitter, from our local supermarket, which I've separated into two pieces so I could space it out).

I drew out my shapes using the fine nozzle of the Glossy Accents bottle - the secret here is to draw around the outline first, then flood in with the glue. If you just want a raised and shiny finish, let it dry as is. If you want glitter etc, spoon it onto the wet glue and leave it to dry completely before shaking off the excess. Make sure you put your letters etc onto a totally flat surface, as this is dimensional adhesive which means it's self-levelling. So if it's on a tilted surface, it'll flow off the edges which is probably exactly what you don't want, lol.

I used glitters by Stampendous: Crushed Glass glitter in silver, Shaved Ice (big irridescent pieces), Crystal Snow, and Silver Halo Glitter Mix.  Also used: Vintage Sparkle glitter in blue (fabulous bottle!) and Stickles Ice Glitter glue dribbled on the tops of the Merry Christmas, to look like snowdrifts. All of these are available in the shop (not listed online as they sell out too fast, and we can't keep up, sorry!)

Once the glitter was dry, I added my letters with Glossy Accents, and the plastic Merry Christmas using a hot glue gun. Finishing touches were artificial fir branches, felt snowflakes, white glitter berries and some fir cones - all applied using a hot glue gun.

The whole piece was hung with a length of copper wire, painted with white acrylic and glittered. I did the same for the snowflakes, wrapping the wire round the end of a paintbrush to get the twirly whirly bits. These were glued at the back of the MDF, at the bottom, with glue gel (and a piece of lace stuck over the top with loads of white acrylic on top to make sure they were stuck really well).

And that's it! Hope you like it - and that you'll all visit and see our Christmas window in person.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Go HERE to vote for us!

I couldn't believe it when Deirdre (manageress) at the Blade Rubber shop told me that we've been nominated for an award in the Local Store section of the Craft Categories in the 2015 British Craft Awards!

I do hope you'll vote for us - it's the first time we've been nominated, and thank you SO MUCH, whoever you are! You can tell I'm totally excited....

GO HERE to vote - it would be incredible if we won, and I'm over the moon we've even been mentioned.

RE Deirdre, she's still on Cloud 9...

Friday, 24 October 2014

LETTERPRESS technique using embossing folders

Copyright Christina Griffiths

I'm pretty sure a lot of you out there have a stash of embossing folders - they're The Big Thing just now. As well as embossing paper for backgrounds etc, you can take the technique a lot further and get a ton more mileage out of your embossing folders, plus a whole new look. We're talking Letterpress techniques!

So now I hear you say 'What is Letterpress' and 'How do I do this?' Easy peasy, actually... Here's a great video by Christina Griffiths, which explains it all really clearly.

You can also use any dye inks you already have, eg: Distress ink pads, Mementos etc - and Brilliance, Versamark - in fact, pretty much anything except Staz-On. And why not Staz-On? Because it will permanently stain your embossing folders, that's why. I've also successfully used fabric paint and acrylic paint (this needs to be washed off immediately or the paint will be there forever and spoil the folder) and they're all really effective.

By the way... did you know we now sell embossing folders in the Blade Rubber shop? Plus all the inks you could possibly want, and of course the essential brayer...

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Foiled again! a Fabulous Foils and Gilding Flakes class with Chris on 1 November

We all love our foils and gilding flakes, and Chris is the lady to show you how to use them to their best advantage!

I know people worry about how to apply them - but Chris will lead you through, step by step, for perfect results every time.

Even easier, she'll also show you how to use your gilding flakes with stencils! Also how to use those Stamp and Stick powders with a heat gun (I've always had trouble with this).

You'll end up with some really stunning samples! And for those of you who took this sell-out class before... there are NEW techniques too!

This class is on Saturday 1st November, full details here.