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Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Never one to do things by halves - I made two!

Red and gold wreath - now in BladeRubber's shop window
Closeup - you can't beat a bit of artificial snow (just don't overdo it...)
One for the shop (see the post below) and one for home.
Silver and white wreath with 50s vintage pinecone ornaments
Closeup of my snowballs - heavy gel medium slathered onto polystyrene balls and hit with 3 types of glitter
Another closeup - glittered and tinselled branches, white pearls in several sizes and a few sparkly black berries
We made wreaths in my Christmas decorations class and I finally finished the one I made in class (the silver one) on Sunday. Hurrah! It's now on my front door.

Glue guns are now my bestest pals!


  1. Both are gorgeous, I couldn't decide on a favourite! Warmest holiday wishes Susie!

  2. Sandi - Bless you! Thank you so much. They were so much fun to do.


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